10 High Calories Dense Foods To Gain Fast Weight

To Gain Fast Weight

10 High Calories Dense Foods To Gain Fast Weight

If you are underweight or simply looking gain weight then you are here at right place just follow the high calories dense foods can help you reach your goal To Gain Fast Weight

are you finding it’s tough to gain weight? Don’t worry, just you want to add a few pounds to your body then you have to consume high calories healthy food. To put on pounds, consume food that will help build lean muscle mass, increase bone density as well helps you to balance hormones and add some fat to give a healthy sheen to your skin

1. Eggs

gain weight fast

At the top of the list we have Eggs, In Eggs, It has water 43 calories per hundered gram, the whole eggs are loaded with nutrients, the protein present in the egg helps build lean muscle mass and fat soluble vitamins B, C, A, D, E & K Balances your harmones to improve cell function as well as it helps to increase bone density. Just you have to take two whole Eggs.

2. Full Fat Milk

how gain weight fast

In Milk, it has 60 calories per hundred gram, when you are trying to gain weight you should make sure of healthy fats, minerals and protein present in whole milk. A whole milk provides energy as well as it works perfect for your workout drink and helps strengthens the bones.

3. Banana

how gain weight fast

In Banana, it has 200 calories per hundered gram, bananas are loaded with dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Follett’s. Consuming two or three bananas per day keep your energy level up. Also it helps to improve your stamina and makes bone stronger. Just you have to take a banana with cup of milk and few nuts for power fast breakfast.

4. Peanut Butter

how to gain weight fast

In Peanut Butter, it has 588 calories per hundered gram. Peanut Butter is creamy deliciousness that loaded with all amino acids, It is also referred as building blocks of protein. The fat in the peanut butter is healthy and helps to gain fat and muscle mass.

5. Nuts

gaining weight quickly

In Nuts, it has 607 calories per hundered gram. Nuts are sources of healthy fats like Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated Fats, Vitamin E and Folate K soluble and insoluble fiber. Selenum calcium, magnesium, copper and antioxidants and other nutrients. This will provide a good number of calories, Helps you to keep active and improve your general health.

6. Yoghurt

how gain weight fast metabolism

In Yoghurt, it has 61 calories per hundred gram. Full fat yoghurt is best when it comes to weight gain, it is loaded with high amount of calcium and milk protein that will help your immunity, strenghthen your bones and give you benefit of consuming good quality of fats.

7. Dried Fruits

how can gain weight fast

In Dry Fruits, it has 359 calories per hundred gram, Dry foods like nuts, coconut, flakes or raisins are loaded with calories, food sugar, food protein and healthy fats. Consume a handful of dried foods as a snack or add them to smoothie or breakfast board.

8. Dark Chocolate

food to gain weight fast

Dark Chocolates, it has 546 colories per hundered gram. The Dark Chocolates is good source of antioxidants and good anti-depressant. you can add that chocolate to your smoothies, home made protein shake, peanut butter sandwiches or biscuit sandwitches.

9. Legumes

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In Legumes, it has 116 calories per hundered gram. They gives like lentile beans and peas are moderate in colories but it is excellent source of plant based protein. This is especially beneficial if you are a vegan or vegetarian. Legumes also helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol level

10. Sweet Potatoes

gain weight fast foods

Sweet Potatoes are high in colories and fiber plus a number of essential vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. One cup which is 200 gram of cooked sweet potato contains 180 colories and 6.5 of fiber. A single serving can give you entire daily needs for vitamin A as well as they also contain Vitamin C, Magnus, Potassium and Vitamin B.

So, Let’s do love some of the foods that you can be adding to your meals to be able to achieve your goals of gaining some weight.

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