5 Mistakes of Young Guys Do When Talking To Girls : Tips For How To Talk With Girl To Catch Her Interest

How To Talk With Girl
How To Talk With Girl

5 Mistakes of Young Guys Do When Talking To Girls : Tips For How To Talk With Girl To Catch Her Interest

Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing well ! , So when you don’t know How To Talk With Girl and you start talking to girls for the first time it’s nerve-racking, you think it’s a end of the world, you start to jitter, you start to shutter, you don’t know what to say and start downing yourself now most of these insecurities come from an experience, The more you start talking to girls the more you start realizing that it’s not a big deal that you this under control.

Today I want to tell you five biggest mistakes that young guys do when they starts talking girls, so that you can avoid this mistakes so you can look like a pro and you will get idea for How To Talk With Girl

1. Your Voice

how talk with girl

The Number is Your Voice, most times it is low-pitched, let me give you a good example let’s say you’re my boss and I go up to you for a raise like this “um”, “excuse me, sir !”, “I think I’ve been working a lot and just wondering if you could give me a raise” I don’t even seem I’m  confident in myself, let alone my work, why would you give me more money? The same could be said the female, you got to talk like somebody that’s confident, use a powerful voice, the same way I’m talking to you right, all right. The reason why so many of you so many young guys are making all these mistakes with women is you lack confidence, you don’t do the active steps, you don’t put the effort in yourself to feel more confident but that’s alright.

2. Easily Impressed with women

how talk with a girl

The another mistakes young guys make is that they’re too easily impressed with women, tell me if  I sound familiar , “oh, she’s just so beautiful and smart and we also like the same movie, she’s like, she’s like love of my life”, Being overly impressed with one single girl is like putting all your eggs in one basket, you want this one girl so bad, that you fear losing her, hence why you’re scared of talking to her, you think if you lose her you’ll never find another one like her, there are so many women out there, other girls that are gonna to impress you just as much and when you realize this, on this moment you will stop putting much importance on one single female. Once you break out of this shell and start talking to more and more girls, you’re gonna to see there’s just like her there’s others that as just as impressive you’re not gonna to get as nervous anymore and stop committing so many mistakes.

3. Sharing Feelings Earlier

what talk with girl

Guys that shared feelings before she likes you, this is the same overly needy guys we just talked about that will not just pour his heart out to her, talk to her about, how her hair looks like wheat fields that are never ending and her smile are radiant as the Sun. See, Dude if this girl doesn’t even like you, this is the thing you need to understand. We as guys we tend to get attracted faster because we get attracted physically as soon as we seen a girl and our heads were like damn. “I’d marry that”, just because you think that, doesn’t mean you’re gonna say that because women they take a little bit longer to have attraction to us.

4. Doing Everything She Wants

how talk with girlfriend

Some guys understand this previous concepts, so you understand that you’ve got to get her to like you first, so you think that to make her attracted to you, go to do everything and anything she wants so she just might give you a chance. This is exactly what she’ll just start stringing you along because the she loves the attention, she just like being treated like a Queen but she’s never gonna date you, A Queen dates Kings Not Joker.

5. Showing Your Insecurities

how to talk with girlfriend

Now. I’ll be honest with you all, dude no matter how confident, even myself have insecurities, this is just human nature the men that win are the dudes that able to suppress them and overcome them better than others and here is the thing, Women are constantly looking for the strongest

Male in society to mate with not the weakness and you being insecure about small things like doubting yourself when you’re about to go talk to her, being super nervous on a first date or you becoming jealous or clingy over her and she’s not even yours yet or signs of insecurities that she can spot a mile away and in her eyes that’s weakness. This is what drives our away from you and into the arms of another man that’s actually stronger and securing himself. The insecurities could be inside of you but you need to learn how to suppress them and not let them overpower you. These are sign of strength.

And don’t have a money work your ass off, most of these insecurities you can actually work on yourself but even if you don’t just being confident enough to know that you’re good enough can land you a Queen. And that’s basically for today, so those are five mistakes that young guys make when they starts talking with girl so, this was pro tips for How To Talk With Girl.

Alright, So that’s it for this blog I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, remember the Whatsapp button given below for share across your friends

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