5 Signs You’re Subconsciously Sabotaging Relationship With Yourself.

Sabotaging Relationship

5 Signs You’re Subconsciously Sabotaging Relationship With Yourself.

We all love succeeding and wish to live rich happy lives, but it seems that almost every corner, there’s always someone trying to pull us down or make us feel bad meanwhile You’re Subconsciously Sabotaging Relationship With Yourself.

Every time we think we’re just about to make it a brick wall drops in the way and we can’t seem to break through it.

Life must just be so unfair to us or is it?

What if we were to embrace the concept?

For a moment that we are the ones who are getting in our own way of reaching our goals. The truth is you have so much power over your life than you maybe giving yourself credit for. If you don’t think so, you might want to consider these 5 signs. You’re Subconsciously Sabotaging Relationship With Yourself.

1. You Struggle With Imposter Syndrome.


In 1978 Psychologist Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Ames Identified the behavior pattern that one has only stumbled into success and hasn’t actually earned any of their achievements as imposter syndrome. Do you often feel even though you got a perfect score in your test got hired for the job you applied for or achieved any other goal you had set your mind to it was just due to random luck and not actually because you deserved it. We are occasionally accomplished things without trying very hard but this is rare. If you constantly think you’re just getting lucky you might be suffering from imposter syndrome.

2. You’re Overly Self Critical.


Are you always putting yourself down? Do you constantly focus on your flaws and issues rather than what you’re proud of. We all have called the negative bias, which is meant to protect us from causing or experiencing future mishaps. But more times than not this backfires and just make us feel bad about ourselves for unnecessary and illogical reasons. Being humble is virtuous but constantly being negative and feeling sorry for yourself will only hold you back.

3. You Compare Yourself  To Others


You got a B+ on your quiz, but your classmate friend got an A. Your friend got complimented for her outfit but you didn’t. What’s odd is that you probably felt fine until you made either of those comparisons. Why is it that we spend so much time focusing on what others have rather than what we have. But unfortunately comparing isn’t the best way to help motivate us.

4. Your life is disorganized


Does everything always feel really overwhelming and out of control? We all go through times of complication But if one attribute of your life is in disarray and no taken care of , it will seep into more aspects of your life and thus could lead to even more procrastination. This is sign that you need to start prioritizing your time cleaning up the clutter and putting everything where it belongs.

5. You Initiate Conflicts With Those You Love.


Are you somehow always getting into arguments with your family or your friends frequently fighting with you? Conflicts occurring in our lives one way or another is inevitable But if it’s somehow happening between you and your loved ones all the time. There’s a good chance that you subconsciously for your intimacy as human beings, we are comfortable with what we find familiar and believe it or not if what we are familiar with is difficulty in turmoil then being at peace with those we love may actually us feel a little uneasy.

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