5 Tips For How To Look Attractive: Men Special

How To Look Attractive
How To Look Attractive

5 Tips For How To Look Attractive: Men Special

Today I’m gonna give you simple grooming tips for How To Look Attractive and someone that wants to be attractive or may be thinks that they already attractive.

Look you can’t control your genes or your give trait and trust me nobody’s holding that against you, However you can control how you use what you have and if you understand attractiveness you know that this is complex idea that’s composed of different attributes such as your style, your personality and your grooming.

1. Exfoliate your Lips

This is super important, something so many men tend to skip because they just don’t care about but why do you think women just want to make out attractive dudes, their lips are probably on point and yours aren’t. Now there’s two ways to exfoliate your lips to make sure that they look plump naturally, one is using a sugar scrub this is the easiest and cheapest way to do so all you do to is grab a little bit of sugar, some water and mix it together and then after brushing your teeth, you can exfoliate your lips with the scrub. It’s gonna get rid of all the dead skin and the dryness to make sure your lips look plump.

2. Take Cold Showers

Look to get what you want in life you have to be willing to do what others don’t and this is one of those things and apart from natural adrenaline rush and mental callousness, this is grooming step, attractive men can never miss even if it’s winter and it sucks using cold water is less irritating on the skin which it’s not going to overly dry meaning you’re gonna have perfectly moisturize silky smooth skin all over your body just by doing this one grooming.

3. White Smile

You got to make sure that your smile is white even potentially attractive guys falter here just because their smile is yellow, what women see is a guy that’s unhygienic, a guy that doesn’t take care of himself. This is why your overall routine is just as important. So make sure that your teeth remain pearly white. Now if your teeth are naturally yellow or may be they’ve just been staying from alcohol or coffee, you should be trying at home whitening kits.

4. Your Nails

This is crucial because if you think about it this is the first impression that you make on somebody, when you shake their hand and it’s so crucial that it has the potential of actually attracting somebody or detracting them because when you have dirt on your nails or your nails are overly long again just like yellow teeth, those are micro grooming mistakes that men make that, otherwise you would be attractive but when you see that it just grosses people out to the point, they start wondering what else don’t they care of do.

5. Skipping Out On Condition

Trust me as a dude, I’ve realized this is hard way if your hair is unmanageable certain period of time, there’s only one thing to blame, you’re over washing it and not conditioning. When it when dudes start over washing their hair what happens is that the harsh shampoo drying their hair, this is what makes your hair dull frizzy and straw-like. Which means no matter how much you tug and pull and use a blow dryer it always looks like steel wool like bird’s nest. A Simple stretch of just washing your hair less and instead using a conditioner to hydrate. It’s gonna give better and perfect look for your hair.

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