6 Signs You’re In Narcissist Relationships

Narcissist Relationships

6 Signs You’re In Narcissist Relationships

Love ! Love ! Love, What yours relationship like? Have a ever felt that you are being manipulated or feel like your opinion wasn’t worth as much as partner. These are few tips to consider to checking weather you are in Narcissist Relationships

But First What is Narcissist?

A Narcissist is incredibly interested in themselves, everything is about them, A Narcissist feels the world revolving around them. But the relationship is about mutually beneficial So here six signs may be you’re dating a Narcissist

1. You Feel Like Your Love Was Bought


Initially when you meet the Narcissist they can very easily sweep you at the feet. Narcissist is incredibly charming over romantic, they do this to head over here so that they can manipulate you later. For e.g. this is chocolate cake model of an Narcissism, At first chocolate cake is exciting but after eating it you don’t feel good as after eating healthy food. However the healthy food don’t has a same initial excitement.

2. You Feel They Will Do Anything To Get What They Want


It may feel like your voice is ignored or their opinion matters lots than yours. They even may get upset in their way, this is not a healthy relationship should work. Compromising is huge key in healthy relationship.

3. One Of Their Favorite Conversation Topics Is Themselves.


They Brag, They Boast, and having self confidence is great exact to their achievements. They even put under down because they can do better things than others.

4. Narcissists Don’t Think Rules Apply To Them.


They can even be rude to people they don’t know. Narcissist really believe they are above the law and having undeserving feeling about sorry.

5. You Personally Feel Like You’re Being Manipulated.


Manipulation can take many form, may be you find yourself apologizing when you don’t want to. These can be happen to your partner pretending to the victim in any situation at sees them. Making feel you guilty and after apologizing. Manipulation is never ok, it is vulnerable thing for healthy relationship.

6. Narcissists Lack Empathy.


Empathy is ability to understand the how people are feeling. Narcissists don’t understand your feeling and they don’t care. Everything they do just promote to their happiness.

Sociopaths are many way similar to Narcissist Relationships, but the key difference is Sociopaths know what they are doing unlike Narcissists Relationships be like everything about them.

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