8 Items That Will Girls To Compliment You: Tips For How To Impress A Girl

Impress A Girl

8 Items That Will Girls To Compliment You: Tips For How To Impress A Girl

There are certain items, certain things you do, certain things that you wear that elicit a certain response from other people some of them being good some of them being bad today I want to highlight and show you the things that you could wear do to say they’re gonna elicit positive response from others meaning you’re gonna be compliments left and right it’s like you’re gonna force your crush to compliment meanwhile you can say Tips for How To Impress A Girl

And most genuine compliments are those that are given not because of things that you’re born with but because you made an effort at one certain thing that made others notice and because of it they wanted to compliment you for it.

Here are the eight items you can do that will get her to compliment you.

1. Smelling

how to impress a girl

Here number one is Smelling, Boys How you smell good is like compliments factory when you nearly just right, I promise you’re gonna give getting compliments left and right even from complete strangers and on a personal level, obviously think, this is the compliment that I’ve gotten move over anything in my life. It’s just contagious that if you smell great. It’s almost like a reflex from women that don’t just be like Wow!, you smell good. Now the Hardest part is nailing that fragrance but if you want one fragrance then you’ll know hands down, smell amazing, stop what you’re doing right now click the link down below.

2. Your Smile

how impress a girl

The Number two your smile, I’m sure you’ve heard it before lines like that smile makes me melt this is just simple and straight to the point but everybody just loves a genuine smile. It’s just infatuating warn and friendly and it just makes others think you’re a great guy and while yes some were born with a genetic gift of having great smile, most of us gonna to have to put in work everything from brushing your teeth, flossing making sure you go to dentist every six months to remove the tar in your teeth and importantly using whitening strips just doing that simple stuffs that bare minimum will give you beautiful smile that’s just contagious and will elicit compliments. but if you want whitening teeth, click the link down below.

3. Being Funny

how to impress girl

The Number Third is Being Funny, the basic haha!, they’re so funny, its’s amazing you know that being funny is attractive and girls they spot this instantly on guys and when they do they’re gonna compliment you for the great thing about this compliment that it’s easy to say. It’s not too forward and like they’re pressing too hard so most girls feel comfortable enough to tell you if you’re funny and if you hear that compliment you know damn well she also think you’re.

4. Shoes

how can impress girl

The Number Fourth is Shoes, Wearing good shoes and I promise you, girls will compliment you on your style. In my opinion getting the right one is like the base of a good outfit you nail it, girls will compliment. winter If you want to purchase Chuckle Boot from Amazon with discount then link is given below.

5. Work Ethic

how to impress girl in first meeting

The Number Five is Your Work Ethic, Compliments like Wow, you’re so smarter ! Wow, you work so hard !, Wow, you really know everything. If a women starts her compliment with Wow, you know it’s a good thing because translation is you’re a strong powerful, alpha male who will most likely be successful so just take me now. This is something that you yourself can’t control, just stay in your lane, keep grinding, work harder, read more books, expand your knowledge.

6. Be Unique

how to impress girl on first date

The Number Six is Be Unique, In today’s day it’s like everybody’s trying to copy everybody else but genuine compliments like I’ve never met anybody like you, you’re so original are straight home run out the ballpark compliments because women love dudes that stand apart, that don’t follow the crowd or jump on the bandwagon follow your own passion, your own dreams even if everybody tells you no, this is stuffs that builds your unique personality, your unique character that she’ gonna know.

7. Your Style

how can we impress girl

This is another compliment that I have received a bunch of times in my lifetime and it’s really shocking it’s most of the times I wasn’t even trying that hard but since men have set the bar so low I ain’t even trying and they’re giving me compliments, there’s only one thing you go to focus on and it’s the FIT, that easy three letter word is what defines your body and makes her say wow, you got great style or you always look amazing.

8. Helping Hands

how to impress simple girl

And Finally number eight, can you help me? Yes believe it or not that question in itself is a compliment, she probably sees you as thing strong protective figure and she just wants to make herself ready for rescue her knight in shining armor.

That’s basically enough for today.

Alright, So that’s it for this blog I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, remember the Whatsapp button given below for share across your friends

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