8 Packing Travel Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard of

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8 Packing Travel Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Hey guys, today I’m gonna to give you eight travel tips for packing hacks, you’ve probably never heard of because most people giving you out tips, they don’t travel, this is straight from experience let’s hope into.

1. Need The Right Bag

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The Number one is the probably most important thing you need right bag, personally I always do a carry on because I hate checking in back so whatever you do you can pretty much do up to about two or three weeks in a carry on if you pack it right.

2. Rolled Cloths

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The Number two, when you are packing you want to roll and not fold, now any packing expert will tell you this and I’ve learned this myself tightly rolled cloths will take up less space than folded cloths. Rolling cloths is also prone to less wrinkles than when you fold it.

3. Pack Basics

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The Number three pack basics, like I said you can’t do about two or three weeks worth of clothes if you pack smart and the best way to do that is by packing basics meaning for example pants stick to two maybe three are generic dark color that don’t have any massive distressing or crazy prints or bold colors because now those pants you can wear for two to three weeks and easily interchange the shoe and the tops to make it look like it gets something to wear.

4. Kit of The Access

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The Number four kit of the access, when you’re gonna pack your luggage go to your closet and start picking out what you need. Because these things will be beneficial for your travel journey.

5. Have a Kit Bag

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The Number five is have a top kit bag, it is pretty much a separate mini bag where all your toiletries and grooming products go in, this is just makes it easy to keep all your grooming products in one location, on top of that products everything inside your bag meaning that if anything ends up spilling or breaking as you travel you don’t have to worry of it spilling on your cloths.

6. Extra Innerwear

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The Number six is take two days of extra innerwear, this is just a precautionary because I have been found in this situation you decide to take showers in one day or whatever reason may arise you would want another change of underwear so you would feel refreshed taking two gives you kind of that leeway or cushion in just case.

7. Extra Space in Bag

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The Number seven talking about innerwear you want to use all the empty space for example if you take one or two pairs of shoes the inside of your shoes, tends to be empty space that nothing goes inside which makes it perfect size to stuff all your socks and your innerwear in to not only save space but also keep you shoes intact to make sure that don’t get over creased or packed when you’re packing your luggage.

8. Manage Chunky Cloths

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And finally number eight to save space you travel with your chunky is clothing if for whatever reason you’re travelling with boots sweats or a sweater or a hoodie or even a suit these are things that you’re going to want to throw on that’s gonna reduce wrinkles but also save space just one hoodie takes up massive space of a carry on luggage meaning the smartest thing for you to do is to wear it on. It’s not only comfortable but it’s also gonna give you room for your other basics that you’re gonna need.

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