9 Signs You’re Actually a Genius Than Normal People : Signs of a Genius

Signs of a Genius

8 Signs You’re Actually a Genius Than Normal People : Signs of a Genius

Hey guys, have you ever thought of yourself as dumb or stupid just because you be may be you go to sleep late or you don’t get good grades or you can’t focus or may be you hate small talk or you’re are always procrastinating and all of this stuffs has piled up and you’ve thought to yourself man. I’m kind of dumb, I’m gonna be completely blunt with you. Boys you’re not. You actually could be borderline a genius. If you experienced any of that or any nine signs of a genius that I’m about to go over with you right now, you could be smarter than you actually think you are so, if that’s sounds interesting lets get started

1. Energy

signs of genius

The Number one, Smart or intelligent people don’t have the energy to want to please other social, this is why naturally you’re very individualistic and this is researched as well because it suggests that smarter people tend to derive less satisfaction that normal people do.

2. Procrastinate

signs you're a genius

The Number two, procrastinate a lot you probably thought, your whole life you just probably weren’t smart enough or didn’t have the drive to do so but a warrant psychologist suggests differently and procrastination is actually the key of innovation.

3. Small Talk on Noisy

signs of genius in adults

The Number three small talk on noisy, here’s the thing that if you’re smart or intelligent, you want to get your brain tickled, liked literally. You’re energized and excited about new ideas and you having to sit there as a complete genius having to talk about how somebody’s day was, what flavor they got for coffee or even who they’re dating is just white noise for your intellect level. This is exactly why talk annoys you and then becomes hard work to actually keep conversation.

4. You Don’t Focus on Trends

signs you are a genius

The Number four is, you don’t focus on trend but instead focus on dressing effectively a lot of smart people do this. In other words you want to buy style basics and your wardrobe that don’t require effort now that’s smart and here’s the beauty even if you’re reading this blog and saying, “Damn, I’m still not a genius, it doesn’t means you can’t apply these tips yourself and become smarter. This is something that anybody can build up. Starts buying basics that require a lot effort that are efficient for your style and then you can wear everyday get the job done but also looks good.

5. Night Owl

signs of a creative genius

The Number five, you’re a night owl. The ability to work and be creative a night it’s sign of intellect. According to study from Miami night owls are more creative since they have an unconventional method of working since others are sleepy. This same mechanism allows them to find alternative solutions that others don’t.

6. Left Handy

signs of a genius person

The Number six, left handed people are a rare out of the in our society and science is now saying that there may be a link between being left handed and divergent thinking now in case you don’t know divergent thinking, it is way of thinking that it’s effective at solving problems and task in a creative way.

7. Easily Distraction

signs of a genius mind

The Number Seven, If you could easily distracted you could be a genius and it just makes sense all that brain activity you have going on up there, doesn’t let you focus and any slight change in your environment get picked up by your brain and easily distracts.

8. Boring Jobs

signs of being genius

The Number Eight, if your job just bores you, this is another sign that you could be smarter than you are. If you’re in boring job that you do the same thing over and over and you’re not getting any mental stimulation, your brains not getting tickled and you’re being constrained to something that’s not showcasing your full potential and doesn’t mean to automatically quit your job but instead that when you get home starts researching and trying new things, finding new hobbies, looking at new things that interest you, that tickle you brain and start investing your time at home.

9. Tolerance

signs of genius level intelligence

The Number Nine, your tolerance, yes believe it or not, taller kids on average scored higher on their IQ exams than the shoulder peers, coincidentally in life those taller kids ended up earning more money. So yes even your height could be a predictor of how smart you are.

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