A Leadership Guide For How To Win Hearts and Minds

How To Win Hearts and Minds
How To Win Hearts and Minds

A Leadership Guide For How To Win Hearts and Minds

If you want to convince someone of something, and don’t know How to win hearts and minds here’s a quick tip: speak in a low voice. Low-pitched voices have more influence on people and work when trying to make them agree with you.  At the same time, don’t forget about using pauses and changing the volume of your voice, drawing attention to the most important moments. All these tips show people that you know what you’re talking about.

One of the keys to success in your career is to know how to deal with people. You have to be someone people instantly like, remember, and want to work with.

There are some rules on how to win hearts and minds :

Rule 1: Smile!

An excellent first impression, so smile!  It’s a god gifted on your cute face. Everyone loves a happy person, so smile and be glad to be around others. Your cheerful state of mind will shine through and make you very likable.

Rule 2: Find their interests

When you find a topic that makes their eyes light up, ask lots of questions and be genuinely interested in their passion, even if it’s something you’re not bothered about. They’ll love you for it.

Rule 3: Don’t people-please

There will be the odd occasion when you need to speak your mind or share a point of view that others might disagree with. You still have to believe in yourself and your principles. People will always respect your opinion make sure you express it in the right way.

Rule 4: Remember the little details

To stay connected with people, write down the little details about people, so you remember them for the next time you meet. For example, it’s a great way to show people you care while making them feel important.

Rule 5: No one is interested in you

The quickest and easiest top tip to remember is this no one cares about you. They don’t want to know about you. They don’t even care if you’ve got an upcoming operation. All they care about is themselves. Ask questions, be genuinely interested, ensure the conversation revolves around the other person. You might not end up saying much or talking about yourself, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all about charm, and allowing people to chat about themselves is the easiest way to win them over.

Rule 6: If people ask you questions…?

If you’ve followed rule number one and have allowed the other person to do all the talking, they might ask you questions in return. In which case, be prepared to charm by following these tips: keep things short and sweet be humble, and don’t show off; and finally, don’t bring up anything negative, political, or inappropriate – keep things light, fun, and interesting.

Rule 7: Use the sweetest sound in the world

When you first meet someone, repeat their name to remember it and then drop it occasionally into the conversation. The sound of our name is the sweetest in the world, and people will warm to you if you say their name and remember it.

Rule 8: Get your body language right

You want to ensure arms are open and not crossed; that legs are relaxed and not crossed and that overall, you look relaxed and approachable. Body language is very important, so practice in front of a mirror or with a friend until you get it right.

Rule 9: Use the right tone of voice

As mentioned above How to win hearts and minds you have to use the right tone of voice. You want to avoid shouting or coming across as aggressive by using a relaxed, gentle tone of voice. The tone of voice is just as important as body language. Work on your self-esteem as well and get used to hearing the sound of your voice.

Rule 10: Use the right language

Keep conversation be professional at all times by using polite language. Always Say ‘Hello’ instead of ‘Ay up!’ And don’t forget your manners. Also, try and keep everything very positive.

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