A Short Buddha Story To Let Your Anger Disappear

How To Control Anger
How To Control Anger

A Short Buddha Story To Let Your Anger Disappear: How To Control Anger

Is your temper disturbing your life? Learn how to control your anger with A Short Buddha Story To Let Your Anger Disappear

One day Buddha was sitting under a tree, when suddenly a furious Brahmin Priest came to him and started abusing him.

The Brahmin Priest thought, Gautam Buddha would reciprocate in the same manner.

But to his utter surprise !

There was not the slightest change in the expression on his face.

So now the Brahmin became more furious, he hurled more and more abuse at Buddha.

However, Gautam Buddha was completely unmoved. Actually there was a look of comparison on this face.

And Ultimately the Brahmin was tired of abusing him and he asked him, “I have been abusing you like anything but why are you not angry at all?”

Gautam Buddha calmly replied, “My dear brother, i have not accepted a single abuse from you, but you heard all of them, didn’t you? “

The Brahmin argued and Buddha said, “I do not need abuses, so why should i even hear them?”.

Now the Brahmin was even more puzzled, he could not understand the calm reply from Gautam Buddha.

Looking at the disturbed face, the Buddha further explained, “All those abuses remain with you, it cannon be possible, i have heard all of them at you, but i have not accepted even a single abuse from you, Dear Brother, suppose you give some coins to somebody and if he does not accept them then with whom will those coins remain?

The Brahmin replied, “If i could give coins to somebody and they would not accept then naturally the coins could remain with me.”

With a meaning smile on this face, Buddha Said, “Now you are right!, The same has happened with your abuses, you came here and hurled abuse at me but i have not accepted a single abuse from you, so there is not reason to be angry with you.”

The Brahmin remain speechless, he was ashamed of his behaviour and begged for Buddha’s forgiveness.

You see in life !

Your Inner calmness and your peace are yours or sometimes like a bouncer or a security guard, you need to protect your inner calmness and peace of your mind. You choose what you accept and what you do not accept, your inner calmness replies solely on your opinion.

So don’t respond to what people say if it makes you angry, that is the biggest strength of wise men.

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