Happy Status For WhatsApp | Whatsapp Status For Happy Moments

Happy Status For WhatsApp
Happy Status For WhatsApp

Happy Status For WhatsApp | Whatsapp Status For Happy Moments

  • “Be the reason to make someone happy today.”  
  • I don’t want a perfect life. I want a happy life.
  • A smile is a happiness; you will find right under your nose.
  • “A person must be able to be alone and find happiness within themselves before they can ever expect to be happy with someone else.”
  • Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, Keep it.
  • The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best out of everything that comes their way
  • “Do not say, “When I’ll be rich, I’ll be happy.” just believe that you are the happiest person in the world.”  
  • Be crazy, Be stupid, Be silly, Be weird, Be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.
  • “Love yourself, you’re going to be the happiest person. A lot of people don’t like themselves for whatever reason and puts in trouble all time.” 
  • Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too.
  • Being happy doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It just means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  • Do What You Love What You Do.
  •  Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.
  •  My ultimate goal is to end up being happy. Most of the time.
  • Be happy with what you have.
  • The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.
  • I am happy to say that I am living my dream.
  • Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
  • Hug Harder. Laugh Louder. Smile Bigger. Live Longer.
  • Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.
  • Be thankful for the little things in your life. All of them together make your life beautiful.
  • Don’t put the key to happiness in someone else’s pocket.
  • Happiness is a well-balanced combination of love, labor, and luck.
  • Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
  • True happiness is not expensive. If it requires a high price it’s a fake.

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