How To Fold A Shirt In Under 2 Seconds

How To Fold A Shirt

How To Fold A Shirt In Under 2 Seconds

Today I am going to show you how to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds.

Step 1: Starts by taking a short sleeved shirt and lying it out on its back.

Step 2: Then We need to draw an imaginary line half way between the top and bottom of the shirt.

Step 3: Again draw an imaginary line another one between the center and outside edge.

Step 4: We will call the point where the lines cross “A” The top point “B” and the bottom “C”.

Step 5: Start by pinching the shirt at point “A” with your left hand. Pick up point “B” with your right hand then cross your right hand over to pick up point “C”.

Step 6: Next quickly unfold your arms then finally use the table to fold the shirt back on itself.

how fold t shirt

This method works with any short sleeved top from T-Shirts, Polo Tops and Shirts and bit a practice can be done very quickly.

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