How To Get Rid Dark Circle Permanently: 4 Easy Remedies At Home

How To Get Rid Dark Circle
How To Get Rid Dark Circle

How To Get Rid Dark Circle Permanently: 4 Easy Remedies At Home

Today i’m going to tell you, how to get rid dark circle and handle pesky eye circles with dark circle home remedy and bags under your eyes. the first thing is to understand where it comes under your eyes, usually comes from stress like a sleep, bad nutrition, the weather allergies and just overall water retention.

As dark eye circle the problems are a little bit harder to cure but there are still ways to get rid of them and this is usually just genetic age, the thinning of the skin under your eye and just other vascular issue, now but that you understand that here are a few tips to help fight those pesky bags.

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1. Enough Sleep

First of all you need to get enough sleep, this is a no brainer because that way you’re not going to be tired and stressed out the next day and reduce your chances of bags on your eyes. Also you want to bring down the salt intake and avoid any dinner with heavy sodium. Because you’re most likely going to wake up with bags under your eyes because you’re going to be retaining a lot of water, so once you get those things out of the way we can move into more instant.

2. Use Tea Bag

You can use tea bags whether it be black tea or green tea. you’re going to want to boil water and place two bags in there and obviously let them soak after a while you’re going to want to take them out and let them cool down. I recommend you put them in the fridge because that the cold bag is going to help with the swelling, once it cools down you need to place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes and after you take them away, after that you can see there will be much more significant differences on your eye.

3. Use Cucumber

If you don’t have tea bags, you can do the same treatment with cucumbers and you’ve seen this done before all you want to do is slice up a couple of cucumbers and it said that cucumbers have a stringent property that helps tighten up the skin under your eyes and helps to remove those bags. Obviously it helps with the fine line and wrinkles. Which is why you see it in all the spa, either way for a fact coldness of the cucumber will help with the swelling so just cut two slices place them on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes as well and you should see your swelling go down.

4. Changing The Way of Sleeping

You’re treating dark circles are caused from thinning of the skin which make the blood accumulation under the eyes, which is more visible hence you get that dark color so it’s little bit harder to treat but another at home hack you can do it’s changing the way you sleep so instead of sleeping on your stomach or on your side like, you probably do all the time try sleeping on your back and add an extra pillow so that inclines going to help with the blood flow and avoid any blood retention or water retention under the eyes that will two birds one stone to avoid any puffy eyes and also reduce the chances of dark eye circle.

5. Use Moisturizer

As i said dark eye circles are harder to treat but it’s easy to fight and prevent, so on the top of a collagen mark, i recommend this for you to always use a moisturizer. It is good for your skin to keep it healthy but if it has SPF at least SPF 15 it’s going to protect you from the starts harmful rays, which causes dark eye circles.

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