How To Stop Phone Addiction In 5 Easier Steps

How To Stop Phone Addiction
How To Stop Phone Addiction

How To Stop Phone Addiction In 5 Easier Steps

Are you a heavy phone user too and searching for “How to stop phone addiction”? Then definitely this blog is for you.

No doubt I was too a very phone user. All the day laying on the bed and just scrolling down social media and playing online games. Day by day it was getting like routine and addicting. Without any reason, the anxiety and depression level was very high.

So I decided to stop this and started searching How to stop phone addiction. Watching few videos and reading articles, I finally decrease my phone usage not all but a kind of.

Here are some key points on How to stop phone addiction:

  1. Change your Phones Unlock features
  2. Turn of Notifications and color
  3. Put your phone on Airplane Mode
  4. Fixed time for social media and phone
  5. Replace it with something else

Let me elaborate this How to stop phone addiction points:

1. Change your Phones Unlock features:

Image result for phone password

Mobile companies are rapidly working fast unlock features such as face unlock and Fingerprint sensor. Which creates an interest in users i.e. we. So as a notification pops up, we immediately unlock our phone and see. So as the point say Change your Phones Unlock features means you have to put as older days phone unlocking feature like putting a long character complex password. Which will create habits of not opening your phone as the notifications pop up.

2. Turn of Notifications and color

Turn iPhone or iPad Screen Into Black & White with Grayscale Mode | OSXDaily

Leaving mobile is not the solution to stop phone addiction, you have to take control of your mind. Because mobile is the need of Today’s fast life. We are really addicted to phones we are just addicted to some social media and games. Mobile companies have put their notification color to red as Red color is very addictive. You can also put your mobile on greyscale mode.

3. Put your phone on Airplane Mode

Image result for phone airplane mode

Putting your phone on Airplane Mode keeps you aside from the distracting world. You can keep Airplane Mode on while studying, or doing any important work.

4. Fixed time for social media and phone

Image result for time for social media

If you can leave social media or have a business or anything on social media. Then you simply put a limit to its usage. Fix a time for social media and phone. Don’t let your phone be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you check in the morning. By using a regular alarm clock and charging your phone out of reach, you won’t be tempted to start your day by getting vortexes into an avalanche of messages and updates.

5. Replace it with something else

When it comes to fixed time for social media and phone, we will have nothing to do and might feel boring. And using the phone again, we have to replace it with something else. Something else means improving skills and working on hobbies. It will definitely make you more creative.

Hope this blog has solved your question on How to stop phone addiction?

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