Jawline Exercise: How to Get a Chiseled Jawline

Jawline Exercise
Jawline Exercise

Jawline Exercise: How to Get a Chiseled Jawline

Jawline relies on several individual genetic factors to be born with a powerful, strong commanding jawline. While some people are blessed with a perfect jawline naturally, there are others who need to tone their jawline or struggle with maintaining one at all. Even so, there are many things you can do to maximize your own jawline.

Exercise is the most important element in your journey towards a great jawline. Shedding the pounds and cutting down on your calorie intake doesn’t just have an impact on the way your body looks, it can also affect how your mug looks. There are multiple exercises that can help you lose face fat and firm up your facial skin. 

The Sagging Chin Exercise

How to do it: Sit at a table and put your fists under your chin. Keep your elbows on the table. Slowly and gently try to open your mouth, still pushing your fists up, creating resistance. Hold for a little while and release.

Duration: Repeat 10 times, and do 3 sets (if you’re ready).

Effect: This exercise works your under-chin area, making it more toned and sculpted.

The Chin-up Exercise

How to do it: Close your mouth and slowly push your jaw forward, lifting your lower lip up. Feel how the muscles stretch. Stay in this position for about 10 seconds, and do the exercise again

Duration: Repeat 3 sets of 15 reps.

Effect: This exercise promotes the uplifting of your facial muscles in the lower part of your face.

The Vowel Sounds Exercise

How to do it: Your goal is to open your mouth as wide as possible, saying “O” and “E” sounds. Loudly calling out the 6 vowels–A, E, I, O, U–also helps lift your neck muscles. Say A and extend your facial muscles for about 4-5 seconds, move to E, repeat the same method with all the vowels, and you’ll see how many facial forms you’ve made. This is one of the simplest exercises to help you get a sharp jawline! Be sure to articulate the sounds and engage your muscles. Try not to touch or show your teeth.

Duration: Repeat 3 sets of 15 reps.

Effect: This exercise tones the muscles located around your mouth and lips.

Chew gum to get that chiseled jawline

No jokes! Chewing gum is the easiest way of exercising your facial muscles. It involves a lot of jaw movement, which helps sharpen that area. Besides, it’s fun and doesn’t take any extra effort.

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