Self Defence For Women: What To Do When You Seen A Suspicious Stranger

Self Defence For Women

Self Defence For Women: What To Do When You Seen A Suspicious Stranger

What to do if you notice suspicious activity or What To Do When You Seen Suspicious Man or Any Strangers? Don’t Worry Have a Look Here, Our Best Strategies Of Self Defence For Women

Say you’re walking home after having dinner with friend. It’s dark but you don’t live too far away from the restaurant. Soon, though you get that creepy feeling that someone is watching you. You see a dark figure walking towards you from an alley.

What should you do?

Well Lucky for you, here’s my list.

1. Stay Calm

It’ll be hard, but don’t let the stranger know that you’ve caught on to them or that you’re nervous. Stay aware of the stranger and your surroundings but do something that will let you collect your thoughts. Fiddle with your jacket zipper, Bend down and pretend to tie your shoes, Look in a shop windows, whatever it takes to make you slow down, do some deep breathing and think of a plan.

2. Pay Attention

Take notice of your surroundings and watch for anything that seems out of place. Listen to your gut too, “Fight or Flight”, instinct probably runs deeper than you think. If you get a good look at the stranger get enough details that you can commit to memory in case you have to give someone, or the police. It’s much better to give too many details that not enough.

3. Look Like You’re Walking With A Purpose

This is part of that “Don’t look nervous” thing. Look like you know where you’re going. Even if your nervous overcome you and you take a couple of wrong turns, try not to look lost. This is good way to determine if the stranger is really following you and it gives you additional time to think. Plus, if you look like you’re walking with confidence, the stranger might decide that you’re not such an easy target.

4. Don’t Text

More on how your phone can be a useful tool later, but in general, if you’re walking a short distance to your car, such as through a store parking lot, don’t text. If you’re texting, your head is down and you may not even see a suspicious stranger that’s there in the first place. If you’re on your phone, the stranger might assume that you aren’t aware of your surroundings and let’s face it. If your head is down and your attention is on your phone then you’ll look more vulnerable.

5. Don’t Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder

It would be tempting, but if you keep glancing behind you, it will let the stranger know that you’re onto them and this may cause them to attack. Plus if you’re too focus on what’s behind you, you might miss escape routes, or helpful people that could be in front of you, This is part of staying calm and being aware of your surroundings.

6. Be Prepared To Fight

If the stranger decides to come at you, you’ll need to defend yourself. One Option is to, Hold your keys in your pocket with the end of one key’s “teeth” sticking out between your middle and ring finger. If you have to defend yourself the key could do just enough damage to give you time to get away.

7. Know When And How To Use Your Phone

If you’re walking home and know you’re being followed by a shady character, take out your friend and call a friend or family member. Tell them where you are and stay on the phone with them until you reach your destination.

8. Get To A Public Place

When you get a funny feeling about a random stranger, there is a safety in numbers ! Go to a coffee shop, restaurant or a store as soon as you can. If it’s late at night don’t worry, there are some grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations that are open 24 Hours a day. You’ll be feel much safer once you’re with other people and you can get help from someone if you need it. Stay in that public place preferably with someone who helped you, until a friend or family member can come pick you up.

9. Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

Whether it’s trusted friend or good old Mom, letting at least one person know where you’re going will give them a place to look for you if something happens. It will keep you safe in the long run and will give all parties peace of mind. So this was our best Our Best Strategies of Self Defence For Women. Hope it’ll help you in future.

Thanks for Reading ! 😊

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