The Story of the Frog: You Give Up You Die

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The Story of the Frog: You Give Up You Die

Did you ever feel like giving up? then think twice after reading this motivation of the story of the frog you give up you die

Somewhere in the world one day! There were two frogs

These frogs were best friends like Brothers

One was Fat and Another one was Slim, They always looking for adventure.

They saw a farmer along with a bucket.

The Frog was curious about it, they were excited to see what was in the bucket?

Because the bucket was so big and they couldn’t see what was inside and so they just jumped in.

The Bucket Was Filled With Milk But

They couldn’t get out as the side was too slippery so there were just swimming around.

They Swam and They Swam But Still Couldn’t Get Out

After One Hour, The fat frog said to his friend, “Brother, Frog there is no use surviving no longer, we are just going to drown, we will die, So it will be better to give up, there is no point, no one will come and save us nor we will turn into butterflies and fly away”

But His Friend Replied

“Hold On, Brother Frog, Keep Surviving, Somebody will get us out, Eventually, We will not give up and we will not die”

So they continue Surviving hours

As the sun started to go down the Fat Frog Said “Brother Frog, I can’t go on longer, there is no sense of doing because we are going to drown anyway, whats the use, I am giving up”

and the fat frog stops swimming

He Gave Up and He Drowns Deeper in the Milk and He Died.

The Skinny Frog Felt Very Bad That He Had Lost His BestFriend In Front of His Eyes and He Couldn’t Hold Back to His Tears

But He Started Surviving Faster and Surviving

Suddenly at around midnight, He noticed that he had turned milk into butter because he had been Surviving so long

So, He was able to jump out of the bucket.

and He was alive, he had made it but he was also sad because he lost his best friend

He knows he hadn’t to help his fat friend.

Years later he married to frog lady, and had lots of frog sons

He Named the Fat Frog Friend To Keep His Memory Alive Because he missed up daily

and Every Night he was telling the frog children to the story of Fat Frog of Giving Up

So That They Would Never Give Up In Life!

See Life is Hard But You Have To Be Harder and Smart and Never Give Up

Because as longest you don’t give up, you can’t lose.

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Thanks for Reading! 😊

Stay Blessed!

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