The Time When Buddha Explained Death: Motivational Story

Motivational Story
Motivational Story

The Time When Buddha Explained Death: Motivational Story

Motivational Story:

One day a woman lost her son, just a few days before her husband had died. kissa Goutami was her name, and now her only son had died. She was in great despair; naturally, the child was her only hope.

Buddha was staying in the town; people said, “Don’t cry and don’t weep. Why don’t you take a child to the Buddha? Why don’t you take the child to the Buddha? He is so compassionate; he may revive him back to life.”

The woman rushed with the dead body of the child. Buddha looked at the woman, told her to put the child in front of him and said to her, “Yes, I will revive, but you will have to fulfil one condition.”

The woman said, “I am ready to give even my life. Say any condition and I will fulfill it.” Buddha said, “It is a simple condition, I never make big requirements of people, only small requirements this is a very simple thing. Just go into town and bring a few mustard seeds. Just remember one thing: the mustard seeds, but we cannot fulfil the condition mustard seeds should come from a house where nobody has ever died.”

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The woman was in an instance state, she could not see the point. How can you find a house where nobody has ever died? She rusher with great hope and she knew that every house had mustard seeds because that was the only crop the people were growing.

The whole village was growing it, so there was no problem. She knocked on many doors, the people said, “A few mustard seeds? We can bring cartloads of mustard seeds, but we cannot fulfill the condition; many people have died in our house. So our mustard seeds won’t do.”

When night dawned, the women came to her senses; she had knocked on every door in the village. And slowly she saw that death is inevitable it happens to everybody that nobody can escape from it.

When she came back to Buddha she was a totally different woman. Her chill was lying there and Buddha was waiting he said; “Where are the mustard seeds?”

The women laughed fell down at his feet and said; “Initiate me into your path because I have understood your message that everybody has to die. Today my son just died, a few days before my husband died, and a few days afterwards I am going to die Before I die I want to see the deathless. Now I am not interested in my child being raised from the dead. I am interested…myself in seeing the eternal life. “

Buddha said,-That was the purpose of sending you so that you can be awakened.” and he initialed Kissa Goutami.

You see, in life.. or let’s say; there is no life without death and there can’t be death without life we all have our own clocks ticking and it may seem unfair why some people die before others but it is just a circle of life if there is no light, there can be no darkness if there is no bad, there can’t be any good if there is no death there can’t be life understanding this may seem beyond us for we are attached emotionally to all the people that love, and right so! Life is a beautiful journey so enjoy every second and minute together with the people that you love…

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