Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Wear Contact Lenses.

Contact Lenses

Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Wear Contact Lenses.

Contact Lenses, without them all you see is bunch of blurry figures and shapes. You can’t go without them, so you’d gladly never take your contacts out. I know they’re a real life saver, but there are places and situation when you’d better go contact free.

1. Don’t Use the Rain

In the shower, hot tub and swimming pool, here all of the place having water, and water is full of bacteria. Even seemingly clear ocean, lake or river water is swimming in microorganisms that are really dangerous for your eyes. In fact, bacteria find it easier to stick to your contacts they do directly to your eyeballs. Once they gran on they start to multiply and grow stronger.

2. Don’t Use At the Gym

When your’re getting in a good workout, sweat is always there to prove it. It gets on your back, your hands, the machine you’re using and most dangerously your eyes. You only make it worse when you start wiping and rubbing them, getting even more salty sweat in there, And your sweat also teeming with bacteria and that could be harmful to your lenses.

3. Don’t Use When You Sleep

Sleeping in your contacts is a bad idea. The least it can do is wear down the quality of your lenses. The least it can do is wear down the quality of your lenses. And the bacteria that managed to get into your lenses now have a whole night to multiply, yes one single night is enough to do serious damage.

4. Don’t Reuse Same Solution

Contact lens solution is a great disinfectant when used wisely. If you use the same portion of it over and over and just top it off with a few new drops every now and then, you’re not using it the way it was intended. So, it doesn’t to its job as well. It completely stops being sterile and as bacteria starts to thrive in this environment, it can cause you some less than pleasant eye infections. So only use fresh solution for overnight contact storage.

5. Self Cleaning

Don’t forget to take good care of your contact lenses case. First at all, it needs air-drying, Bacteria enjoy moisture, so one sure way to prevent their feast is to deprive them of that. Leaving in the case to go air our during the day will help. Second, don’t forget to clean it with a gently soap and water week and again let it air dry thoroughly when you’re done. Don’t use a towel or paper they can leave tiny fiber that find their way onto your contact lenses and into your eye.

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