What Does Relationship Abuse Look Like?

relationship abuse

What Does Relationship Abuse Look Like?

When we think about relationship we assume two people come together because they love each other. The word LOVE associated with positive connotations when we hear it, we might connect it to actions support, affection and interest. So what does relationship abuse look like ?? let’s start out with a more obvious science.

On the flip side however topic exists too and scary part that it’s not always obvious when you caught up in your feelings for your partner, you can become blindsided.

Psychologists discovered that when we fall in love the, areas of our brain that help us pick up on suspicion and make good judgement become less active which is especially dangerous for those are involved with a toxic partner.

relationship abuse

Does your partner hit or force intercourse with you. Physical and sexual relationship abuse should never be tolerated so why do victims never walk away immediately because abusive partner tends to be very manipulative they might not always be violent like most movies and social media portray it.

I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to. They’ll often say as they embrace their partner with a loving hug or I was having just bad day. I won’t do it again. This is how it all starts and become the victims usually sees the best in their partner they’ll believe them.

Abusive partners may even make it up to their victim by showering them with gifts, the next day they know when to use just enough kindness to win them back, every time when this happens they’ll keep pushing the boundary of what is allowed to see what they can get away with and that’s how this cycle repeats.

relationship abuse

Abusive relationship can also be mental or emotional, common tactics the abuser will use our love bombing and gas abuser will use out love bombing and gas lighting when the victim feels like they’ve had enough and tell their partner, they’re going to leave, abuser will use love bonding and may something like “if you leave me I won’t know what do to with myself”

This is why on a victims usually attempt to leave seven times before actually leaving for good.

If you believe you’re being abused by your partner or know someone who might be please report to a police, change will seem scary at first but staying in relationship until it worsen only put you in greater danger.

Remember you are worthy of being loved in healthy supportive way.

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