Why Me? Read If You’re Going Through A Hard Time

hard time

Why Me? Read If You’re Going Through A Hard Time

You Know when there is nothing left to do and you are in hard time but to fight with everything you’ve got to get back up, There’s a word for it


And that word comes under such a simple test, Not much involved, but in the moments that matter most.

It’s Everything.

You and the Mirror!

Looking into your own eyes and realizing there’s no where else to go but up and being ready for what that takes

It’s Single Decision

The same decision you’ll need to make every day

Get Up !

It’s what brings people back when injury make it look to everyone else that all is lost, But It’s Not !

It’s what gets someone to write letter,

After Letter!

After Letter!

Looking for a job because they know all they need is a start

It’s what cause someone to keep moving straight forward even when the start of their journey should have knocked them of track

You and the Mirror!

Same Decision, Every Day

Because the things is that comebacks mean the damage is already done.

Comebacks only happen after things get hard

It Happened ! and only you know how dark it gets

Resilience and Grit

These Aren’t Preety Words

They mean something much more to those who know them well, these words have scars, they symbolize the battle,

But there’re also the gateway to something so special,

It’s what it means to Lose Eight Elections.

Be in bed for 6 Months after Nervous Breakdown.

Then To Get Up and Do What It Takes to Enter the Books of History

It’s the power behind the getting rejected 12 times before smashing almost every record, and every ceiling imaginable.

Resilience ! That’s a word left when the storms keep coming, when things go from bad to worse.

Every Reason To Stop Trying

The moment we all get humbled by at some point, Sometimes more than once.

There are times for dreams, And Sometimes there is only time for the reality of now,

Picking Up One Foot Then Another.

Starting to move forwards step by step,

Tears and Fustration ! Another Step,

Hurt and Sandness ! Another Step,

Shaking of what was you just keep going

It’s the light finally breaks after the darkest of nights

In the moment that matters

You and the Mirror,

Same Decision Every Day

Knowing It’s Going To Be Long,

Knowing There is No Other Way

“That is Resilience”

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Thanks for Reading ! 😊

Staay Blessed !

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